Hello, my name is Sam Thiara.

We all have amazing stories and events in our life but sometimes we don’t understand and appreciate what is around us. There is also a need to understand that there are meaningful occurances that we need to capture and reflect on and these can be simple
everyday occurances to life alterning changes.

This site is set up to help you to see and appreciate what you have accomplished in life. Life is about reflecting and capturing those moments into stories and then being able
to share it with others. Life is a journey and there are many people who are
part of it. When someone asks you: “tell me something interesting, unique
or special about you.”, what do you say?

Join me as I talk about some of my personal stories, share with you my milestone in 2012 (and hope you are part of it) and some of the amazing people that I have an
opportunity to interact with.

I want to share that I am an average person with extraordinary experiences…and you can be the same!

Everyone’s life is an autobiography…..make yours worth reading!


  1. Your quote is one I’ll take with me the rest of my life Sam, as with many other lessons I’ve learned from you! Looking forward to connecting soon!

    Beauty pic by the way!


    • Sam

      Thanks Brent. Students…now alumni…like you, are my inspiration. Always enjoy our conversations. Yes, see you soon!

  2. Leo Ng

    So this is your blog that you were talking about in your BOT presentation tonight at SFU Segal! Looking forward to reading your blog from now on, but your font colour is a bit too light… Maybe try having a darker font since you have a bright white background? :)

  3. Karl Fritz

    Thanks for pointing out this blog to me. Sam, you and I go back to Leadership Vancouver in the mid 1990′s when I was serving a stint at the U.S. Consulate in Vancouver and covering essentially the provinces of B.C. and Alberta. We met as roommates in a 3 day orientation and have remained close ever since. I rarely get back to Vancouver these days but wouldn’t think of going without looking you and your family up. Happily we have gotten together on a couple of occasions in Vancouver as well as Washington, D.C.since those early days. It’s been exciting to see your family grow and I am excited again with news that you and Sadhna are expecting a new arrival in March. I know this little one will be born into a warm, loving, outward looking family and will be the beneficiary of so many gifts that are not found in any store. Sleep awakened nights will provide a fertile opportunity for thought and I will follow this blog of yours in anticipation that you will share the wisdom that seems to come at particularly significant times in one’s life. On this journey of life that we are set out upon, it is the welcome encounter of strangers who becomes lasting friends that help light our way. It is great to see your light burning so strongly, and doubtless affecting so many. I’m hoping that 2012 will be a great and memorable year, with the evidence for that found on these pages.

    • Sam

      Karl, thanks for the thoughtful note. To me, relationships are to be treasured and while we may not talk as often as we would like, what I do enjoy is I can pick up the phone (or you for that matter) and pick up where we left off. There is none of this ‘who’s turn is it to call or they never call.’ It is about appreciating the depth of the friendship. I will always remember how my brother and I also spent time in Washington DC and met up with you. We had three wonderful evenings and dinners. I look forward to a renewed friendship and keeping in touch. This 50/50-2012 blog is a mechanism to express my appreciation and gratitude of the people, situations and things around me…it is going to be a good year. I should say that in reality, it is more like 49/50-2012 as the little one arriving already has one spot :-) Keep well my friend and speak soon.

  4. Sam

    Great blog post Adam. I have done some writing and dropped it into our shared space. Trying to work on some more writing. Looking forward to talking soon. Hope you are enjoying the travels.

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