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Wrapping up the year…and what a year it was! Last post of the year!

“The finish is just the start of another.” While one thing ends, we must be ready for the start of another.

It is fitting to have the last post of 2012 and Sam’s 50/50-2012 as a reflective piece. What a year this was! I talked at the outset of this journey that while I started this, I understood that there would be triumphs combined with challenges and setbacks intertwined with successes and that has rung true in 2012. At the closing of 2012 and one of the last things to do, I just happened to catch up with my very close and dear friend Sudhanshu in England. He is the person I randomly met on the train in 2006 and has become a cornerstone in my life…it is fitting to speak with him today. As I write this, it is 12 midnight in the UK so Happy New Year my friend! See you in 2013!

I would not have ever thought that I would be a writer or blogger and that in itself was a huge accomplishment for 2012. I had held to this year long project and there were times where it was a challenge to do a write up because it took time to be creative. I always tried to pull lessons to share and make it so others would be able to try and write their own stories.

There were a number of highlights such as the birth of Sahil and receiving the Diamond Jubilee Medal and many more and then at the same time, losing 8 people that I know this year and my back going out in quite a sever way. The list of my 50 most memorable experiences are gathered and listed in a separate post for tomorrow. Rather than focus on any one of these, I think it is more about what the year means and some of the reflections. I really tried to implement the extraordinary in the ordinary as well as the CARPE principle. CARPE stands for being curious, appreciative, reflective, bringing perspective and making them into experiences. I think each of my blog posts implement and captured CARPE if you take the time to dissect each. 2012 was about going through life with my eyes open and anticipation of what I could pull and add meaning/purpose to. It is how I have lived my life and will continue to do. I hope that it inspires others to realize that if I can find the extraordinary in the ordinary, what can you personally capture…this was my motivation to do the 50/50-2012.

One of the most profound pieces was having my blog hacked in November and being quite disappointed at first. I collected my thoughts and moved forward and came up with a positive twist and am now creating a book on all my stories. I think this reflection has been a part of my year and life where it is important to look for opportunities/possibilities where limitations might present itself. The lesson for me was to not deal in absolutes of good or bad but rather to consider options and making the most of what is presented. Fortunately, Will and Connie got me back up and running and I can now focus on a wrap up party on Jan 30th.

I think this quote sums it up – With 2012 slipping away and 2013 arriving, reflect on the past and vision for the future and live in the moment! CARPE Diem! Simply put, THANK YOU ALL for being on my journey!