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Up and running again – My blog, a hacker and the positive outcome

Thank you, thank you, thank you – Connie and Will for getting me back up and running…gratitude at the max level. While some would use their talent for something negative like trying to ruin my blog, you have talent for good. This post is for Nov 13th when things went bad.

Diwali is a Hindu is a religious day full of celebrations and is about good over evil and light over darkness. Well, on Nov 13th, Diwali, I had evil emerge when I woke up to find that my blog had been hacked by a hacker and was decimated. I was devastated and disappointed. Why would anyone want to hack into my blog. I am trying to do good in the world and helping people write their stories through my blog; however, someone decided to end the joy. I posted on facebook that my blog was gone and the support I got from everyone was special and supportive. Even as I walk about, people would come up and ask if I was alright and who in their right mind would do such a dastardly deed!?

When I encounter such turmoil, my reaction is to try and look at things from a different perspective…what good can I pull from this? As I collected my thoughts, I started to merge all my word documents (I fortunately would do all my blog posts in word and then copy/paste to my blog). Once the 95 posts were all merged, I suddenly realized that I had 92 pages and 40,000 words…and my journey is not over yet. It suddenly hit me that I have an opportunity to put together a book out of all this. It dawned on me that out of the despair, an opportunity emerged and it was something of significance. I will continue to finish off this year with blog posts and reflections and at the end of the year, I will take the time to list my 50 most memorable experiences and thoughts. I think the book will be about how the 50/50 idea came about, the reason why it was important for me to do it. I will also talk about the extraordinary in the ordinary and how I was able to pull something positive out of all this. The book idea that has emerged, dovetails nicely to the other book on storytelling that I am working on. I will also consider and probably do a 50/50-2012 wrap up function to close up the project and do this in January.Diwali 2

I guess in the end, something as negative as having your blog hacked, can turn out to be positive. I appreciate how people were supportive and that Will and Connie are trying to restore the blog (this was typed in the past). I suppose I have to also acknowledge the hacker to some extent, but will stop short of thanking them, for if this person did not do this deed, I might not have considered all that I had accomplished to date…but I won’t thank them. In the end, Diwali and good over evil did prevail. My lesson learned is that instead of dwelling on a situation as a negative, turn it around and make it into a positive. All it takes is a bit of time, some ingenuity and an open mind.