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The people I did not meet in 2012

The journey of Sam’s 50/50-2012 was about trying to meet a number of people. Some of these people are high profile individuals that I thought would make great conversations if I got a chance to speak to them. Some of the names were John Furlong, Justin Trudeau, Trevor Linden, Rick Hansen, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles and a few others. The constant themes for all of these were that they are high profile and at the same time, people who contribute back to community and society.

I did not think that this would be a difficult task and that I would be able to meet perhaps one or two people. It was more difficult and I realize it is because they don’t know who I am and that they are very busy people who get many requests.

Out of the many that I tried to reach out to, I did wind up getting a personal letter from the office of Prince Charles and it was a nice letter to say that he appreciated the sentiments of the 50/50-2012. The other one that was a positive response was a note earlier in the year from Justin Trudeau’s office that I might be able to meet with him if he came to Vancouver; however, with the impending leadership of the Liberal party, this meet up was not to be but I did get a nice letter signed by Mr. Trudeau on my 50/50-2012 journey. Both of these responses were greatly appreciated and I have no ill feeling or will towards those who did not respond. It does go back to the adage…if I don’t ask, the likelihood that I might meet one of these leaders is a certain 0% but by reaching out, the possibility is there. I still got to meet and share the company of many individuals who were part of my year…thanks for that! So now that I have shared, who would you like to meet?