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New friends in Bangkok…’suits’ me just fine :-)

Last two days in Bangkok were set aside for me. I was here anyways, so may as well make the most of it. Now, Bangkok is this enormous city with millions of people and very confusing. It turned out that my hotel is literally 1/2 a block from MBK. Oh the shoppers would have loved this place!

While walking to MBK, I happened upon a tailor shop right near my hotel. What caught my eye was a Sikh gentleman in the store. He was one of the owners. His name was Manmohan Singh. I have always been told that if you go to Thailand or Singapore, one must get a suit made. Well, I started talking to the two owners and got to like them very quickly. They gained my trust and they were very knowledgeable. I decided a while back that I wanted a Nehru style jacket and waistcoat. They could do it. I ran back to my hotel to grab my suit trousers and they were going to try their best but it might be difficult to match. I was measured, given a chai and the owner and I sat having tea and cookies while waiting for the fitter. It was a bit of a rush for them but they were not going to charge me a premium price.

I came back in 26 hours and it was beautiful. The jacket and waistcoat fit so perfectly and they made it with care. I really liked it and there is no way I could have found something like this at home. The closest I ever found was a jacket that did not fit me and it was like this but it was 4 times the price. I had already decided that the first place I would wear this jacket would be for the Diamond Jubilee Medal ceremony (photo included with Ishaan)

When we were chatting, Manmahon Singh also told me that he was going to be at the Gurdwara early morning as they were going to take new Garanths ( Holy Books) to Chiangmai and he would be gone for 3 days. Now if I would have known about this, this would have been an amazing journey. Instead, I will keep in touch with him and here how his journey went. The suit was special, but I also feel like I have made some friends along the way.

Now it is time to head home. Every time I wear the suit, I will appreciate how it was made and the good people at Boss Tailors. Looking forward to a future event where I can wear the outfit!

ps…also, after many years, I decided to shave off the goatee or Van Gogh. No reason, just thought it was time. What next? A tattoo, piercing or hair dye :-)