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Making the most of a 20 hour flight – smiling at 600km/hr

I have a backlog of blog posts to get through and will insert others as they come up because the year is coming to a close…so is this project.

On Nov 30, I find myself once again in the air. This time it is Bangkok for work and only a week. While the blog is still not running and I have moved on from the hacker destruction, I have settled in to a guilty pleasure while flying. It sees that the only time I get to watch movies is when I am traveling. Well, if you like old school cliches and just things blowing up, you have to see Expendables 2. Now the reason I say this is that it is an action adventure but anything that puts a smile on your face has to be worth watching.

Sure there are cheesy lines…enough to clog my aging arteries, yes the action is on the extreme level. Perhaps the fact that they are aging geriatric, like me, who decided to pull the collective souls together to entertain us had me smiling. You have to love the Chuck Norris cameos. All I can say is well done folks for providing action, comedy and nostalgia all rolled into one.

If this year is about the extraordinary in the ordinary, then this was just something that put a smile on my face and helped me to pass 2 hours of a grueling flight. Time to find more gems. Isn’t that the most important thing?!

Well, right after that movie, I happened upon a very special and down to earth production that was simply called, ” When Hari Got Married.” It was this beautiful documentary on a traditional Hindu wedding in Northern India. Traditional, typical and authentic. It followed the journey of Hari as he prepares and goes through the rituals of getting married that has been arranged. I guess it was very special because it showed the authentic life of people who don’t have much and yet are content with what they have. They had subtitles but it provided me an opportunity to understand and appreciate life in its simple and pure way by listening to the dialogue.

It got me thinking and remembering my wedding. How I went forward with my wife and the many years for us now. Also, how so many of my family made the journey to be a part of it and how my close uncle passed away days before the wedding and how devastated we were but got through it all.Bangkok flight

This movie, like the past one, put a smile on my face but for a different reason. Nothing blew up, no huge actors to be a part of this…just a glimpse into life and realism. Have to appreciate that.

Finally 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. I also saw the Batman movie, Dark Knight Rising. It was alright and I saw a lot of the mask and it might be because I have not been an avid follower of the Batman movies. I will take the” Expendables 2” and “When Hari Got Married” any day. All of these movies did help me get through the 24 hours from airport to airport.