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Lost warriors and blog post

Just going through my posts and I realized that I missed an important post from my China trip…my visit to Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors. I have wanted to see and witness the historical site for many years and was one of the reasons I ventured to China in the first place. You can see why this is (was) an important post for me. Xi’an was also at the end of our 10 day trip and I am glad it was left to the end.

What I also appreciate is that while we had good tour guides throughout our trip, our last guide was my favorite. Her name was Julie and she was professional but also very friendly and personable. We quickly became friends and to this day we continue to email each other. Her ability to tell the history, stories and cultural aspects was most appreciated.

I recall our journey to Xi’an and first we visited the museum and it was an appetizer of Terracotta Warriors. It was not till we go to the archeological site did we get to see history in real life. Julie took us to the large open excavation and there, for the first time, I got to witness the mass scale of the Terracotta Warriors…and they are still digging them up. The soldiers stand at attention guarding the tomb of their Emperor and are frozen in history. I equate it to Christmas presents under the tree. You know they are there but you don’t know what you have till you open it. This is the same. There are so many warriors and they are slowly and carefully being uncovered. I have been to the pyramids of Egypt, the ancient city of Petra, the ruins in Mexico and this one was different…those sites have been discovered but this one is still ongoing. We get to see history in the making and uncovering. Thank you Julie for allowing us to get a glimpse of your culture and history…you made it most enjoyable.

On a side note, Julie took Gord and I to the city wall and we got bikes and started riding. I think Gord and I were a bit of a spectacle because we were in t-shirts and no jackets while everyone around us were bundled up. We had many people staring at us and smiling. I guess they did not realize two Canadians were in their company and our adaptability to the cool weather.