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Last trip of the year…and it is Bangkok!

I am back in Bangkok and this will be my last trip for 2012. I am here for work as I brought 4 of my students for a competition at Assumption University. Our team did a preliminary case in the summer and only 6 teams made it to the finals….we were one of the 6 finalists and the only non Asian school in the finals! There were teams from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Philippines and us and I found out that there were 28 submissions from 13 countries. The team (Renee, Rob, Iris, and Stefanie) represented us well. We got to the campus late on Dec 1st and picked up by a small army of Assumption student volunteers. Malinee was our team host and she went out of her way for us. We were in good hands.

Our team had a couple of days to rest and plan out their 6 hour case. While going through training, it was difficult to coordinate schedules and we could only meet Sunday mornings…at least in Bangkok, we had two full days to plan things out. The day approached and they took the case full on. I got to watch all the teams and ours presented 3rd in the string of 6 finalists. Each team presents a solution to a company problem for 20 minutes and are then challenged by a panel of judges. Our team did well; however, they did not see the time keeper and I knew we were not going to finish and that is either total disqualification or major points against us.

At the announcement, we were either going to be thrown a life line or total loss…we got the life line and took 2nd over all! Whew that was close. I will take that any day when a team does not finish. So we now have another trophy for our case and we return home victorious…well, 2nd victorious.