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Family and holiday season – eating, sharing and caring with family, friends and Enactus

Christmas is a time for reflection, appreciation and time for family. Every year I look forward to catching up and enjoying the company of so many. I have taken Dec 22-Jan 7 off to take it easy and see as many people as possible.

Every year, my brother, cousin and our respective families do a Christmas brunch. This year we decided to go to the Stanley Park Tea House. In the past we have gone to Pan Pacific, Sutton Place Hotel and Waterfront Hotel. It is about enjoying the company and the food and the benefit of the Stanley Park Tea House was that after, we enjoyed the park Christmas train ride. At the restaurant, our server was good! She genuinely interacted with us all and made my kids smile. She seemed to be having fun and said she enjoys seeing the togetherness of families.

More recently, I was invited and attended Enactus SFU (formerly SIFE SFU) Christmas celebration and dinner. I attended last year and it was a lot of fun. I have been associated with the club for about 7 years and they have accomplished some great things. This year, we had about 35-40 Enactus SFU club members attend Jules in Gastown. What I always enjoy is that it is a nice way to close out the year and to celebrate the successes. While the Tea House was family, I always feel a sense of family with our Enactus club. There is mutual appreciation and gratitude and far too many people to acknowledge and thank.

Today, I ventured out to see my cousin Gina, her husband Karny and their son Roshan (who is about the same age as my son Ishaan) and their new daughter Taran, who was just born 3 weeks ago. Ishaan and Roshan were all over the place while Taran mostly slept. Tomorrow, family will be gathering at our place for dinner. Being a vegetarian day will be an interesting challenge for my wife ?

So there will be many more get together and gatherings before I go back to work. It is a different kind of busy. Whether it is family, friends, students, or alumni…they are all family to me. We share conversation, stories and time with each other. As Christmas approaches, I think I have a great gift already…the company of so many people. This is something that is easy to give and appreciate receiving and you can always return it and no one is upset.