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A mirror moment – sharing with Sherwin and seeing me 15 years ago

There are a number of people that I have had the chance to catch up with and one that I have met a few times this year is Sherwin. I first met Sherwin about 3-4 years ago while up at SFU and while he has changed jobs (and so have I), we have kept in touch. He was also someone who helped me plan my trip to China/Singapore and Bangkok.

Today we met again at one of my favorite meeting places, The Black Bear Pub, in North Vancouver. As always, we spent time talking and Sherwin is on a journey and wants to help people and is trying to discover the best way to do this. I think today we had a profound discussion because while he is trying to chart out a path, I shared with him that I just look for voids and try to help where I can. An organization or cause might come forward but if someone needs help, I won’t pull way.

I think what hit me today is that Sherwin is the age at which I started to get involved. It was about looking back at my own journey and now I can share the stories with Sherwin so he has a base to work from. He is not going to be me…and he should not be because I already exist and I will not be a Sherwin, but he needs to be on his own journey because that is what he has the capacity to do. What I like about Sherwin is that he has passion and enthusiasm and a willingness to embrace a journey. It is about offering a helping hand where it is needed. I know it is going to be a good one and I am excited to be a part of…we mutually appreciate each other. I offer my hand to you Sherwin as I see a great opportunity for you to make a difference one person at a time!