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Understanding the word sacrifice a bit better

I try to be a lifelong learner and build on wisdom. Today was a valuable lesson on sacrifice. I found two examples of sacrifice today and both are important in their own right and relate to being proactive and reactive. Tonight, I was invited to a community recognition and celebration by the North Vancouver RCMP. Civilians and officers were to be recognized for their dedication to community and sacrifice.

The reason I was invited was because since 2001, I had been a board member for the North Vancouver Crime Prevention Society. I was one of the original founders and while the last two years became a challenge, I was still involved. I was Vice President of the society for a number of years and eventually had to retire my position and remain as a board member. The idea of the society was to facilitate public donations to the RCMP, help with various community crime reduction programs and to help identify community opportunities. I dedicated my time to this and this was one type of sacrifice…sacrificing my time. This was to work to be proactive and prevent crimes from happening and supporting initiatives and those of the society were recognized today.

Today as I sat and listened to some of the stories, I realized that my sacrifice of time was valuable but some of the stories I heard involved sacrificing their life. There were RCMP officers who sacrificed their life to help total strangers and in some dangerous situations. One story was about a toddler that went missing and when the police officer arrived, the toddler was found at the bottom of the pool. One of the officers jumped in and got the child and the other performed CPR but unfortunately, the child did not make it. It was a difficult one to listen to and the two officers and many of us were there misty eye’d and you could see how this incident had impacted the two officers. Another story was about how there was a distraught person who attacked his mother and father and by the time the police got there, they had to subdue this person and he was very difficult and the police eventual secured the situation but unfortunately, the mother was seriously hurt and the father was killed. The police went into a very dangerous place and had to deal with this. This is not something they will forget.

There are stories shared in the media that don’t paint a favorable picture of the RCMP or police because of some actions or situations that some officers find themselves in. Now it is important to report this; however, there are countless stories out there of good, but they are not reported. We should recognize the difficult situation that these officers are put in on a daily basis with total strangers. Today was just a small example of some amazing stories.

Today I was recognized for the sacrifice of my time but I would like to take that and actually recognize all those who sacrifice their lives. They are two different types of sacrifice to remember…one is time and the other is life. They are important but different. Remembrance Day is coming up on November 11th, another opportunity is coming to appreciate and respect those who sacrificed. Thank you to the RCMP for the event and making us feel appreciated and thank you to the many officers and administration that protect us. I also thank Councillor Mike Little for his conversation with me today…now here is someone who sacrifices his time. My request to you all is to go out and sacrifice your time. Through your action, you might change a life in the process.