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Family Matters – an engagement party in the immediate family

Rohinton Mistry wrote a book called “Family Matters”. When I first started reading this, I thought the title focused on the daily aspects of a family unit like budget, eating together, activities etc. As I read the book further along, the title shifted to “Family Matters” with regards to the importance of family. This last weekend, I got to see the importance of how much ‘family matters’ as my niece Kelly got engaged to Sean.

We have gotten to know Sean over the last couple of years and greatly appreciate him. We finally got to meet the family at a small family gathering of 40 people (small by Indo-Canadian standards ?). I had an opportunity to do our side of the family introduction and one thing I had to say was how welcomed we were into Sean’s family. In Hindi, there is a word called ‘Pyar’. This word means loving from the heart and Sean’s family showed us pyar.

The ceremony was simple and the conversations wonderful as we met each other. Often times the words were: “I have heard so much about you and glad to meet you finally”. What was also great was that Mike B was there. We went to his wedding many years ago and he was a friend of ours in university. He is Sean’s uncle so Mike and I got to catch up.

While the wedding is still a fair bit of time away – Aug 2014, we have now opened up the family expansion and see the families now interacting and getting to know each other better. While Sean and Kelly will begin walking together, they are bringing along both families that will support them on their journey. This was a very happy moment for our family as it is very close. Not only are my alumni getting married but this is also in my family! Thank you for a wonderful evening Sean and family, we look forward to meeting more often.