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An abundance of blessings in Singapore

I am not overly religious but do respect the many faiths that people hold on to. I also don’t miss an opportunity to visit a temple or church and observe how other people view the world and to share in a different culture. While in Singapore, I went to Chinatown and came upon Sacred Buddha Tooth Temple and Museum and received three blessings.

The structure was beautiful from the outside with the dark reds and many colours. What caught my attention was the sound of drums and flutes/horns and the sound of people chanting. We were invited inside and stood to the back and to the side. From my vantage point, I saw the head monk and many monks performing a morning ritual with many Buddhist followers. Upon completion of the ceremony, the senior monk went about blessing people with holy water. After he blessed e congregation, he came towards us and we were showered with water. Blessing number one!

After the first blessing, the monks concluded their ceremony and put their regalia away and walked in a single line procession. The head monk and one other went along the side and right beside us. As he went by, I put my hands together and bowed my head in respect. As he went by, I felt his hand on top of my head as he was walking by…blessing number two! As mentioned before, I am not religious, but I am spiritual and I certainly felt something within my core. Now, was it something cosmic in nature, or was my mind making me feel something as it was someone worthy of respect. All I know is that I had a warm feeling and a sense of being enveloped that was similar to that of when I was in the Golden Temple of Amritsar, India and the birthplace of my ancestral faith.

Blessing number three was more deliberate. As we ventured to the upper floors, we entered a hall where the Buddha Tooth is kept. I should mention at this point that the temple got its name because after the Buddha passed away and was cremated, his remains were distributed to the many monasteries and temples. This temple houses a tooth from the Buddha. In the room was a monk and we could kneel in front of him and get a blessing. He chanted, sprinkled water on me and smiled. I have to say that I certainly felt an inner peace at this temple.
This was truly a great place to be as we spent 3 hours there and have no idea where the time went. I think sometimes we have to take the time to appreciate the places we are in and at times, if a blessing is offered, to accept it. Being at peace with oneself can take place in any number of places whether it be in a temple, a quiet mountain trail, beach or where ever you find yourself reflecting. I am glad that we took the time to walk into the temple and spend time…I am blessed.

PS – I took this photo in the temple. Got to love the colours!


  1. John

    Hey Sam. Not only do I get to hear about it from you, but enjoy the stories a second time reading your blog. What an exciting trip, and I am very happy for you.

  2. Madelaine Simpkin

    You are right, I do love this story, what a gift!

    • Sam

      I thought so. It was a memorable experience. Mind you, I am blessed every day by the people I know.