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A tradition…create one or be in one?…how about be one!

We often find ourselves fitting into traditions. It could be school related and Frosh, or a wedding and carrying on a tradition that has been in place for a couple of generations but my thought is that rather than only being a part of a tradition, how about I go and create one. Think about it. A tradition has to have started from somewhere and why can’t it start with me?

Why even start a tradition? Well, it is not a morbid thought but somewhere along the way, each of us will cease to exist. The reality is that along the way, at some point, not only do we cease to exist but also all memory of us will cease to exist. How many generations will it take before all history of you will no longer exist? For some, it might be one or two generations, for others, it might be many. I am not afraid of this; however, today I started a tradition that is physical in nature…a physical artifact. I purchased an infantry military sword. The artifact connection goes back to the 11 years I spent with the BCR military pipe band. I still have a highland full kit with the entire kilt and kaboodal? I purchased a ceremonial military infantry sword to complement the outfit. I am going to engrave the blade with a date and a memory. I will then start the tradition of handing this to my children. Who knows how long this tradition will go but I want to start one.

I encourage you to not only live in tradition but go out and create one for you that carries your name on it. It does not have to be a sword. It just has to be you. Rick Antonson from Tourism Vancouver shares a thought called ‘Cathedral Thinking’. This is having the vision that the people who started out and built the foundation of the cathedral, would not be around for the end and the finished product. You start somewhere and might not understand the distance you can have your legacy go. The same goes with my starting a tradition. It starts with me and I won’t be around for it to be an established tradition; however, hopefully, people will know where it all started…with me!