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Business does have a heart

I was talking with Jillian W today (which is always a nice catch up) and she said that she would like to focus her efforts and energy on working for a company with a good upstanding brand. So true and today was reinforcement that the Beedie School of Business is a solid brand and that I am proud to put my name to. I was invited to the launch of the Executive MBA for Aboriginal Business and Leadership – http://beedie.sfu.ca/AboriginalEMBA/about/index.php This was the huge effort of the business school, many people, and communities and at the helm was Mark Selman. I also had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Leah, who is a respected member of the Tsleil Waututh Nation.

What I appreciated today was the pride and heartfelt words from the First Nations guest who saw this as an excellent personal and community building opportunity. All parties should see this as a wonderful partnership that provides collaboration and while the students will learn much, it is shared experiences that will benefit all. I could not help but stand there and feel the genuine pride and encouragement from the official guest speakers who were Chief’s and significant leaders. People spoke from the heart and it was refreshing. It was a celebration to wish the cohort well on their journey. My heart, along with many, was happy today and it was a powerful ceremony. The dancers were spectacular and shared the purpose and meaning of their songs…with passion and pride.

It was a wonderful day because apart from the launch of the program, I got to catch up with a dear friend, Rachel T and we talked about our respective journeys…I never tire of my conversations with Rachel. As mentioned, I also caught up with Jillian and our conversation is always so engaging. Today saw events and meet ups with many people (Bonnie, Jim, Kathi, Debra, Elizabeth, Christian, Adam…all in all, a very good day with heart. I guess today I would ask…are you working for a company with heart and a good brand? Mine was reinforced today. Lots of smiles.