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The extremes of what it means to be human

Today demonstrated what humans are capable of. Tonight I went out on my deck and looked up at the stars in wonder. There was a slight breeze as I glanced up at the many stars and few planets…I strained to see if I could see Mars tonight. I got to see the extremes of what we, as a human race, are capable of doing. On the one hand, we have a terrible incident where a gunman took out many lives of Sikhs who were present for a religious service. On the other, I just watched as NASA landed Curiosity on Mars and the jubilation of those who worked so hard to venture to a new frontier. It reminded me of my trip to Huston and Mission Control a couple of years ago.

On the one hand, being of Sikh background, today’s shooting seemed to hit more at home than many of the tragedies I hear about on an almost daily basis. I know what the families are going through and those who went to the Sikh temple, went as those of us who have gone to a house of faith and not expecting our lives to change. Those who went to the Colorado movie theatre also did not go expecting their lives to change. I wonder what the mind goes through to go forward and do such harm to another. On the other, it was truly amazing to see what our minds allow where we can venture to a new frontier and seek out to understand what another planet can offer through the journey of Curiosity.

Those who dedicated their lives to this project sit in jubilation today. Those who sat in the Sikh temple in Wisconsin today sit in disbelief. I sit and wonder about the extremes I saw today and reflect on those I am surrounded by. I had a wonderful catch up with a close friend Karl today and we talked about what happened in Wisconsin. The world has intolerance and understanding as extremes. The more we talk to each other and try to understand, the less we can hurt each other. Lets use the mission to Mars as a point of reference to appreciate what we are capable of. Let us also appreciate those who dedicated their lives to medicine who at this time try to save the lives of those who were hurt.

Over the last few days, I have had a chance to see some wonderful people and appreciate what is good in humanity. I have many stories to share but no room to write but thank you to Jessica W, Adam C, Patrick D, Rochelle D, Jaspreet S, Madelaine S, Sarah L, John G, Matt B, Joanna J…to name just a few. Thank you for taking the time to share who you are. Let us continue to explore and venture so that we learn and grow as humans. Also, spend the time appreciating the wonders of what we accomplish, send thoughts to those who suffer through tragedy and let us give little recognition (understand awareness why) to those who cause harm.