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Mom’s…teacher, negotiator, doctor, chef, sanitation…all rolled into one…easier – superhuman!

This one goes out to all mom’s, teachers, daycare and caregivers today…but especially mom’s! My wife wound up going to Calgary for a funeral and thankfully for only two days. I am at home looking after my two little ones. The 3 ½ year old is certainly manageable and my 5 ½ month old can surely be a challenge because you don’t know what they need or want, but I can certainly look after him; however, combined, it is the perfect storm of chaos. I did have a schedule provided by my wife but very quickly found out the schedule is best a guideline…the little ones really have no need for a schedule so I decided to not really look at it and go by ear. Her schedule outlines everything neat and tidy. It is almost like magically, my 5 ½ month old will take his formula at a precise time. It does not work like that, and there is always something else that you need to do.

Out of this, I have to take my hat off to mothers. I knew and respected how difficult it could be looking after children and having two around is certainly more of a challenge. By taking this on for only two days (in the blistering heat), it is a lot of work! For me, it is about appreciating the dedication required, patience to be present and being flexible. I think our world leaders could take a lesson from this page (and sometimes stop acting like children). Simply put, mothers have so much responsibility and don’t get enough credit. I have worked on some very large scale projects and built things by visioning, building and implementing; however, I think that pales in comparison to what mothers do. When you are working on projects, you can work with others and find a way to an end…with children (especially when they are so small), they dictate what and how you will react.

Spending the two days with my kids has been a great learning experience but I have to admit I am more comfortable with my job at building relationships, student/alumni engagement and leadership. Of course I will do this again (it is a shared responsibility). I will do this gladly knowing now how much effort this takes from my wife and how important a responsibility it is. OK, I have to end this post as my 5 ½ month old is now awake and I have to go look after his crying…hmmm, schedule says that this should not be happening for another ½ hour! Thank you to all the mom’s out there. Happy Mothers Day everyday!

p.s. Thanks to someone out there who took this amazing shot…in a word – lovely!

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  1. Olivia Zhang

    Sam,congrats on your opportunity to parenting your kids alone:) I love the shot and your blog, as a mom of 8-year-old boy. It reminded me of leaving my son with my husband for 3 days when I was away for a conference in China. My son was a little more than 1, and we had a nanny at the time being. He told me later that he’d never imagined before that how much work there was for a mom. As a mom with 8 years of experience, I’d say that moms usually don’t feel anything when they’re carrying out their responsibilties “superhumanely”….Enjoy the sweetness and business!