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I think I know too many people…ask me if I care…of course I do!

I had a realization today that I might know too many people…but that this is a good problem to have. Some of the people were scheduled in to my day planner; however, most were random and some I had not seen in years.
It started at 8:00am this morning as I was on my way to catch the Seabus and ran into a friend (Mary-Ellen) I had not seen in a few years and we talked about what were up to. Mary Ellen asked what I was doing and as usual, I was very annimated and passionate about my journey when a total stranger came up and said she happened to be near by and overheard our conversation and was most fascinated in what we were talking about so she proceeded to join us and I missed two Seabuses but greatly enjoyed the conversation. She was so pleased with how open we were to include her in our discussion and felt that the world needed more of this passion. This was just the start ?

Throughout the day, one person after another came forward into my day and we had wonderful conversations. Derek and I scheduled our tea catch up and we enjoy each others company and then joined by Casey. John and Paul from Coast Hotels are great examples of where we talk a lot about stuff and about 10 mins of work…and we get it all done. I greatly enjoyed a talk with Olga who has such a unique and dynamic background in science to sitting with a student, Patricia to talk about how she has had a realization that instead of being so busy all the time, to take the time to understand herself…profound thought! The universe finally allowed my close friend Brita and I to catch up. I got to address the Young Women in Business mentorship program about what defines you. I later ran into two of my close alumni (Min and Saravie). This is just a sample of the scheduled and random people I met today…there were many more today.

My thoughts about today? The art of conversation is so important. Take the time to sit and chat with people. Catch up and find out how people are really doing and not just superficially. I appreciated the many people I got to interact with. Sometimes we are so caught up with life that we forget to talk to one and another. Now I understand that many are not so comfortable with talking as much as I do; however, one or two conversations can go a long way. I got so energized with the many people I got to see today. Yes, it takes time but it is time well spent. I know for me, it makes me a richer person. I now wonder what tomorrow holds and the people I will get to speak with. Yes, I know a lot of people and I am totally fine with that.


  1. It’s not a easy thing to just talk sometimes when you’ve been overwhelmed with “life”. It’s been a difficult challenge, but definitely a rewarding one. Can’t wait for our next catch up!

    • Sam

      Life is too simple to be missed and too difficult to be ignored. The challenges are what makes life interesting. You have the difficult challenges only because you venture to experience and allow the challenges to come to you. I will always be there to support the journey.

  2. Mary-Ellen

    Great to see you the other morning Sam. Derek and I continued to have a fairly long and enjoyable conversation with the lady who had overheard our conversation. Fascinating people and conversations are everywhere as long as we are open to them can slow down enough to appreciate the simple pleasures.

    • Sam

      You were the start to a very good day :-) I am glad we got to catch up and the lovely lady who entered in was a great add in. We sometimes need to slow down to appreciate what is around us. Missed two Seabusses but it was well worth it. Keep in touch My CQ.