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A star is born…well, it now has a name :-)

Yesterday and today were filled with physical pain with this bad back. Today it remained about a 9.0 out of 10. As I struggled with this pain, I had a wonderful surprise. A surprise of the celestial kind ? It came from a couple of lovely friends of mine, Jo and Al who live in England.

I first met Jo when I went to England on a group study exchange. This was about 11 years ago. We have remained close friends since then. I have visited her many times and she has been to Canada recently. Over the years, our friendship has become very strong and we always look forward to each other’s company. My trips to England would not be complete without seeing my dear friend.

Today, as I picked up the mail, there was this large envelope. It was from Jo. I opened her card first and the words were lovely. She said that she picked the first three words that reminded her of me: friendship – how I make people feel, love – love for all around me, and respect – to embrace the differences in people. Each word was more detailed than that in the card but I think I will keep the exact wording just for me.

Then I opened up the present and there was a book about the stars and planets and the clearest recognition guide available. OK, I like astronomy and the celestial wonder but it was the folder that was also included…Jo named a star after me for turning 50 years old.
• The technical term is: Tycho2 Catalog Star, designation TYC 810-1960-1, of magnitude 8.51, located at the celestial address 08h 47m 10.1595 Right Ascension and +09d23m 00.693s Declination (Epoch 2000) and in the constellation Cancer (my sign). The documents also include how I can find this one little star.
• It has been recorded as Sam Thiara 50 Friendship Love Respect.
• Personal message was “Our homes may be thousands of miles apart but we can both see this friendship star in the nights sky ?”

This meant a lot to me so I have to say thanks to Jo and Al. What an appropriate and thoughtful gift. The meaning behind this one, while one may have a star named after them and it is bright in its proximity, there are a great many wonders out there. You can be a star to someone but it really is about the inner light that makes one shine. The star naming is a wonderful gesture of the universal kind. Jo, no need to name a star after you…you already are one :-)

PS – the image is of my star that I got off the internet…it is the middle one of the three bright stars


  1. Nadia

    That’s so sweet Sam. So glad that your friend named a star after you :D what a great idea!!! hehe. That’s super sweet of her…glad that you could enjoy this. hope you are recovering from your back pain

    • Sam

      Thanks Nadia. Yes, it was a very pleasent surprise. The paper work is also cool. It shows you where it is. Back pain is just sitting at about 9.0 out of 10 on the pain scale but occassionally dips to 8.5…just have to keep positive. Only way to.

  2. Olivia Zhang

    Wow….what a creative mind it must be to think of the idea of naming a star after a friend, and what a special friend he must be to deserve this. Sam, thanks for sharing with me your blog, and it’s just so fabulous. I haven’t got the chance to read much, but I’m already impressed by the idea of 50-50, by the titles of blogs that I glanced over, and by the pictures posted. It’s like a little treat for me to read your stories after 4 hours of writing at this unearly hour of the day.

    • Sam

      Olivia, thank you for your kind words. I hope you find inspiration and focus from my writing. There is always reflection and personal perspectives that emerge. You too are on a journey and one that will bring you great rewards. Just stay focused and understand that in any encounter, there will always be learning and growing of your wisdom. Glad we met.