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The origin of the smile discovered!

With a new born, you talk to him/her and sit in amazement at their growth and development and wonder what their future will hold. Sahil is now 7 ½ weeks old and for the first time today at 10:30am…I got a smile from the little guy. Now many critics will say it was gas or just a facial tick…I am sorry folks but we did this several times and each time we spoke to him, he looked at us and smiled…the photo does justice to this…and not obvious are the dimples to boot!

I think the significance of this is that it is the first two way response we have from the little guy and more importantly, we saw his first ever smile. In a world full of despair and challenges, there are equal triumphs and joys…actually, hope there are many more of the latter. This was the first ever smile of many to come in his long life time…and we got to see the first ever. This is huge in the spectrum of the extraordinary in the ordinary! You can’t see a child like this smile for the first time and not have an equally large smile on your face…they are just contagious. The universe was kind to us today.

Just to add more to the mix, on the drive home today, Ishaan (my 3 year old) and I had a giggle fit in the car and both of us could not stop laughing. These are epic moments of the tummy holding kind…the best sort of tummy aches to have.

While one gave us the first ever smile, the other had a long lasting laugh ? Hope this post made you smile.