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Getting Jillianized – you won’t be the same!

While yesterday’s post was a difficult one due to the nature of the content, today’s post is more about appreciation. I am grateful and thankful for many people and I am never short to say and tell people what I think of them and what they mean…a lot! Since yesterday was a challenge, one person was a ray of light in an otherwise darkened day. I had to write about Jillian Walker today…the evil HR Lady ?

I first met Jillian at a Young Women in Business conference dinner. I was the only male in a room of about 60 people and Jillian and I had a chance to talk. Then I saw her at the Students in Free Enterprise competitions in Calgary…again, we managed to catch up. Since she has moved to Vancouver about a year ago, we have gotten to know each other better. Now, trying to line up a visit for us is a herculean task because if I am at an event, she is at a different one or if she is speaking at another event, I am making a guest appearance elsewhere. What I appreciate is that when someone asks for an engaging and talented person, I am quick to mention Jillian. I think the US military would be wise to speak with Jillian because she is everywhere but at the same time, you can’t catch her…this could be an ultimate weapon. Yes she is very stealthy.

Now Jillian refers to herself as the Evil HR Lady…yes, she will tell you like it is and be up front with it, but at the same time, she is someone who cares. She cares deeply and is passionate about helping young people with their careers. This is something we both share…except she is a much younger and better looking model.

Today, doing a mundane task of vacuuming, I was thinking of this person and the people she has helped and provided me the words for today’s post. We have talked about changing the world one person at a time and there are a great many people who are better off because of a Jillian intervention…I have coined this as being Jillianized.

Ms. Walker. Just sending out to the world the high level of respect and appreciation I have for you. While we may not meet as often as we would like, we are always in constant touch and communication. A mutual admiration of each other means we can invoke MAS – Mutual Admiration Society. Jillian, you are a member. There are no dues, no meetings and no processes. It is a virtual society I created because it is often difficult to accept complements and all you need to do in this instance is just accept it and graciously offer a thank you…no need to justify my comments. Thank you my friend.

My word to you all…get Jillianized ?

PS – Hmmm, do you realize that there are no pictures of us together…probably because it is difficult to capture us both :-)


  1. My goodness! I was just doing my regular stalking of your Facebook and saw this now!! Wow! Thank you so much Sam, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    PS – I love how you found that ‘Twilight’ looking photo of me. University of Lethbridge promo shoot for the accounting major. Random. :)

    • Sam

      You have made my blog and I am glad to have done this. Greatly appreciate you my friend. I also just found out that a friend of mine passed away so over last couple of days, bit of a scale tipping going on with two deaths. The only thing that is positive about David Holtzman’s death was that I got to know this person well and he was a community leader who helped me get involved with the community. A great soul.