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A spark might be all it takes

Today I got to see two very different spectrums. On the one hand, a parent who had concerns and challenges with their child who is genuinely smart but not applying themselves and the parent was at odds on how to deal with this. It is about the untapped potential that has not been realized.

On the other side, I had one of my students, Fahad come to visit me today and he just got back from an epic journey to India. While he was there on an internship and doing international trade and investment, it was also a spiritual journey for him. I could see his passion come forward as he talked about how he has grown from a confused and struggling individual when he first got to university to someone who has passion, interests and so much to now give. I am very proud of this person and I look forward to watching him walk across the stage in June to receive his very well deserved degree.

If I could only bring these two individuals together and much like a lit and unlit candle, spark one from the other….and wait for that initial spark that creates the brightest moment when a realization hits…I have seen this many times over.