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Changing the World One Person at a Time

Have you ever tried to undertake a large task but felt it was too huge and complicated to accomplish and you felt frustrated, dejected and upset?  If one considers trying to change the world, it is such a large goal that you wind up feeling that you are insignificant and cannot accomplish the task.  If we could change the world, we would have so much confidence.

What if I told you it is not that difficult!  The secret is that while we often try to change the world through our eyes, really all we need to do is through our actions, just change the world through the eyes of those that we try to help.  Think about it, if you help someone and make a difference with them, the world is suddenly different through their eyes and as a result, you have changed the world.  Go out and change the world one person at a time and you have changed the world multiple times.

Remember the saying:  ”An optimist see’s the glass half full and a pessimist see’s the glass half empty while really all you need to do is take that glass and look for someone thirsty.”