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I go through life being able to find deep meaning and purpose in the simple things.  Footprints in the sand turn into a full keynote speech or a simple wooden door stop can bring aspects of leadership to light.  Life is full of the ordinary and it consumes us; however, imbedded in the ordinary is the extraordinary.  It is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Many feel the extraordinary are those epic moments in life but reality is that it can be out of the ordinary.  If you feel it is important to you and it is memorable, then you have just found the extraordinary in the ordinary.  The extraordinary from the ordinary might be where you build a bookshelf without instructions or receive an unexpected letter from someone you have not heard from in ages.  What makes it extraordinary is that you look at it from a deeper perspective and it turns something meaningless into meaningful.

How can you find the extraordinary in the ordinary, it is a matter of going through life with CARPE Diem.  The term means ‘seize the day’ or ‘pluck this day’ which is a great concept in its own right; however, the first five letters C-A-R-P-E are how you can find the meaningfulness in the ordinary.  It follows a process.

‘C’ – Curiosity – you need to go through life with a curious mind and look for interesting opportunities

‘A’ – Appreciation – appreciate the people, things and situations.  When you appreciate them, you accept them

‘R’ – Reflection – this is an important piece because it is through deeper processing, do you find the meaning needed

‘P’ – Perspective – we all have our perspectives and perceptions and we bring this forward to process the ‘C’’A’R’

‘E’ – Experience – you need to turn all the letters into an experience.  Without it becoming an experience that you remember, the memorable experience will die an untimely death

Going forward with CARPE Diem, start discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.