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Beating Your Own Drum

There are times in your life when an interesting but unexpected opportunity confronts you.  You can shy away because that is the easy thing to do or take it on and go on a journey.

Years ago, I was approached to join a military pipe band as a drummer for an Irish military pipe band.  All sounds good except I did not know how to drum and I am not Irish!  I let the Pipe Major know this (he was aware of both) and he said the drumming we can teach you; however, we are not able to teach commitment.  If you want to be with us, you need to be committed to be a part of the team.  At the time, there were only five members. On a Tuesday, I went for the practice/orientation.  I tried it out and thought it would be interesting to do this and was asked to get to the drill hall on Friday to get kitted out.  I got my uniform and drum and was then told that we were going out to march in front of the regiment and the dignitaries.  I had to bring up the fact that I did not know what to do but was told, ” I guess it is a good thing you are not in front leading us then.”

I spent 11 years in the band, attained the rank of Corporal, received a service medal, played to many appreciative crowds, was nominated and received the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award for my involvement with the band and the band grew to about 25 members strong.   Many great experiences emerged.  I would say that I am glad that I did not shy away and decided to march forward when the opportunity presented itself.  Not your regular everyday opportunity.

What was my original motivation to join?  I thought to myself that I have seen parades and had wanted to be in a parade and not just watching one.   It represents my life where you can sit and watch or get up and grab an instrument and march on.