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Appreciation and Gratitude

Sam’s 50/50-2012 would not have been possible without the generous guidance and work by Will Swanston. He has dedicated hours to building this site and has asked nothing in return. Will was my mentee in 2011 (and mentee of the year) through the Leaders of Tomorrow program and I got to meet a quality individual and spend time learning about a passionate person. I owe a huge thank you to Will and I dedicate the site to him. For Will, he said that this was a great project for him to learn lots about blog design but the reality is that it has helped me to get the word out about how people can build their own stories and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We need to make sure we find people in our lives who give of themselves and properly acknowledge them. I give my heartfelt thanks Will and a dedicated site to enrich the lives of those around us.